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Key Principles for Designing Effective Learning Environments

Claudia Vlaicu

Author(s): Claudia Vlaicu
Subject(s): Education
Published by: Editura Pro Universitaria
Keywords: pedagogical theory; teaching and learning experience; effective learning; learning environment.

Summary/Abstract: Teaching and learning methodologies have always been a challenge for many education researchers and their teaching experiences have urged them to look for new ways of designing effective learning environments. Recent research findings on the factors encompassed by the learning process and on brain working theories are stimulating a re-examination of traditional principles of designing teaching and learning experiences. This paper is intended to help teachers and educators to improve their teaching and learning methodologies in working with students. Precisely, the principles presented here are not only meant to deepen our understanding of traditional core learning principles, but they are also intended to provide practical guidance on how to design learning experiences for our new high technology environments.

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