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Claudia Vlaicu (a)*, Alina Gabriela Anghel (b), Camelia Delia Voicu (c) *Corresponding author


Along the years Romanian school has remained committed to paying considerate attention to the formative role of helping our students to exceed grade level standards. Yet Romanian education system should also have a role that is far more important that the academic one: nurturing ouru students, helping them to become considerate, responsible, self-respecting future adults. In order to assure this, we need to help them since early years to develop self-esteem. The present paper explores teachers’ role in supporting young learners to develop healthy self-esteem. Therefore, our study will envision the introduction of a special optional class within language and communication classes meant to develop self-esteem among other interpersonal communication skills. We state that educators in Romania shouldn’t wait for the elementary school years but initiate and develop educational projects and classes focused on developing socioemotional intelligence since early years. Special attention will be paid to the elements of self-esteem which are meant to support our educational initiative mentioned above. By enriching the national curriculum through the introduction of special classes and taking young learners’ self-esteem into account while teaching, they are able to organize special classes whose main objective revolves around raising their preschoolers’ self-esteem. The findings of the study revealed that in classroom practice, they respect and care for young learner; they utilize various strategies and activities to ensure the raising of self-esteem; they also want to involve the parents to align their type of parenting to the educational methods and tools intended to raise pre-schoolers’ self-esteem.

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