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Imago Therapy and Orthodox Therapy on Couples and Marriage

The present paper presents a theoretical scientific approach of therapy for couples, basically focused on two therapeutic orientations with subsequent similarities and differences; on the one hand, Imago therapy,which is mainly a therapy for couples experiencing emotional disconnection and orthodox therapy for couples, which is mainly included in a priest’s task insuring the balance and equilibrium for couples experiencing a marriage crisis. The psychological premise of this theoretical paper is that surrender of illusions and fears in fellowship with others is at the core of life. The background principle of this approach is that Imago Therapy may be a natural adjunct of couples’ spiritual beliefs and their commitment to helping each other achieve fulfillment in their marriage relationship. For more than a decade, The Imago Model in Action has been used regularly by therapists interested in this effective and now well-known model of working with couples. If we look at the core of this model in action, we see that the effect is merely the same both at the functional and psychological level. Both persons reconnect and reconstruct the emotional fundamentals of their marriage. Still, the significant differences appear at the level of principality. For the orthodox perspective, the very notion of marriage as a sacrament presupposes that a man is not only a being with physiological, psychological, and social functions, but that he is a citizen of God’s Kingdom; whereas the Imago model focuses on healing the childhood wounds and reconnection which can keep marriage relationships fresh and dynamic.

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